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Watch and do slow exercises

Please read the safety lines below.

Then, click on the You Tube video above, to watch and do 3 slow exercises.

If the above shown episode is yet to get live, please watch and do exercises with our previous episodes.

Subscribe to our You Tube channel, so as to easily participate in our future episodes too.


Aged 32 to 62 years?

Can not jog, run, jump or do gym or yoga for fitness?

Do slow exercises with us, live and free on You Tube, for 30 minutes.

Please do not participate without anyone present by your side, if you already have pain, fluctuating blood sugar and blood pressure.

If you are undergoing a medical treatment, show our previous episode videos to your doctor, to know from him/ her, whether it is safe for you to participate in this ‘watch and do‘ exercise program.

If you experience joint or muscle pains, dizziness, vertigo, head reeling, muscle cramps etc., during this simple exercises event, stop the exercise immediately and connect with Sugar Den, through the website link provided above.

In case of an emergency, please connect or rush to your doctor, instead of connecting with Sugar Den.

Sugar Den is presently serving at Delhi, Agra, Ghaziabad, Bhiwadi, Patna, Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Please share this message and join these daily sessions, along with your loved ones!